Their voices matter

When they say they don’t get it,

You need to find a better approach.

When they say they need a break,

Let them relax those overloaded brains.

When they say they have a secret,

Give an ear without judgment.

When they have an opinion,

Listen to them without shutting them up.

When they make a decision from their heart ,

Stand with them and respect their choices .

When they say they are lonely and hurt,

Give them a hug without a question.

When they break old ways to build a new ,

Stand by their side for you are the world to them .

Their voices mater,

Even though you cater to their needs.

Fulfill all responsibilities.

Have let go of all your needs.

Give them the most precious of all gifts,

Time of yours,


Voices of their hearts.

To live a life

Soulfully fulfilled.

Copyright Β© 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Their voices matter

  1. I feel that you are a very good teacher, you have beautiful words and It seems like you understand what others need. I am delighted to have came across you and feel that I could learn a tremendous amount thank you


    1. Thank you very much , for liking my works , I too am equally happy to have a reader like you who understand the depths in those writings.


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