People I distance from,

Who are disappointed at the slightest of opposition.

Who have an opinion about everything other than self.

Who think its always the other at fault.

Who are just looking to put you down.

Who find happiness see another fall.

Who think its their right to hurt all.

Who put up a face and think just the reverse.

Who think they can always have their way.

Who carry the light but darkness within.

Who are wolves under the sheep skin.

In don’t let them ,

Play with my feelings.

Take advantage of my goodwill.

Nor duped into their stories.

I draw my boundaries clear .

For I want to be distant from such beings.

Copyright © 2021 Gayatri Bagayatkar, All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Distant

  1. I think that distance is a very important value for your own mental health, I have enjoyed reading this and it reminds me about myself and how to be the best person possible and how others surrounding can massively impact.


    1. I agree being aware before we face such elements and keeping the distance is the best way to keep them out of our lives. Thank you🙂


      1. I must admit it can be difficult to recognise when to stay distant as people can creep up and make you deteriorate without even knowing but as soon as you click then the distance can begin. I agree distance is the best way to keep them away and out of our lives and we can be free and happier, living our live to the best of our ability


      2. Yes very difficult to recognise many a times we wont know , but then as soon it reveals we should be strong enough to break from it.


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