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Ego is self harm. is sitting in self created bed of denying help at hands length. cos you are always at the right when victory is alone yours to savor. losses always because of unable to hear or see. for you are in blind belief. is forgetting the journey. remembering the trophy. … Continue reading Ego

Big Skills – 3. Declutter and Organize

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Sometimes its important to break away from the routine. Routine keeps us so engaged and bound by time table that we forget to look in to those areas which every now and then need to be cleared up. Take up those tasks that got stacked or build up , clear up those corners that got … Continue reading Big Skills – 3. Declutter and Organize

Define Love

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Love streams in every realm, When it originates from a spring. Give yours all the love they want, for it breathes life in all. Expect love only from them, who knows love above all. Love has no boundaries, Nor time nor distance, Makes it less effective. With duties and rules, Its still waters in pool … Continue reading Define Love

Writing to connect, Writing to express

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Sometimes words were not enough.Sometimes the situation just not apt.Sometimes the listener just not right.Sometimes these are emotions you couldn't speak. I held my words to myself, And then put them to write. But its no less a challenge, Should i write this or that . Can i mention this or not. How to put … Continue reading Writing to connect, Writing to express

Big Skills – 2. Resilience

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Nowadays kids are brought up in bubble wrap , protected and safeguarded against any exposure to challenges , setbacks or failures. This actually keeps them totally ignorant of facing those failures and rising from them , also being prepared for any such future situations. It is more of a mental preparation and training which unless … Continue reading Big Skills – 2. Resilience

Sometimes Being me, Thats not me

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Keeping Everything under control right under my breath,SometimesLetting out so that I can breathe free. Standing strong like nothing moves me, SometimesLooking for someone to hold me . Living as if never looking back, SometimesThe past peeps through teary eyes. Long let gone those dreams that gleam, YetWishing for those dream once seen . Now … Continue reading Sometimes Being me, Thats not me

Look for it , In the right place

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Look for everything in the right place Love ,where it exists, Trust, where it was never broken, Respect, for your thoughts and not medals, Friends, when you need a boost, Strength, when in troubled waters, Weakness, when clouded by apprehension, God, when you know you are just not enough. Look for it in the right … Continue reading Look for it , In the right place

Big Skills – 1. Multitasking

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Hi dear readers and blogger friends , I am starting this new category of of posts about "Big skills" , where i will discuss about those big skills from parenting point of view and important as a part of child development for a good , peaceful and sustainable future for self and others. These are … Continue reading Big Skills – 1. Multitasking

Learn to Stand Alone


When you know its right,For the right. When, Your own will stand up against you. Your besties will doubt you. Ones you look up to will ignore you. You will be all that is left with you. Some will say to demotivate you. Some will call you names to demoralize you. Some will make you … Continue reading Learn to Stand Alone