Why STEM / STEAM based learning ?

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The reason we need to speak more about STEM /STEAM based learning is our changing education policy, the restricted home environment for learning, learning to keep up with real world problem solving.The traditional approach, textual based learning , reading ,memorizing, recite and evaluation or passive learning wont help to keep up with interests and development … Continue reading Why STEM / STEAM based learning ?

Homeschooling / Teaching Unprepared

female student suffering from headache in library

As parents and tutors in home schooling or teaching , that is problematic for a child is teaching unprepared , unorganised or without any back preparation. This process of unorganized teaching becomes more of learning and research with teaching at the same time from tutor side , whereas for the student the flow of teaching … Continue reading Homeschooling / Teaching Unprepared

Change Takes Time

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Change Takes Time Give it time.Let it take course.Dont rush them with lure.Bcos if its instant, It wont hang around for long.Let them think ,see it work, Give them time to make progress.Sometimes it will be a straight road, Some will take turns, Lanes unknown to return to correct one.Some cant handle it, they think … Continue reading Change Takes Time

Thanks to Teachers

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A thanks to the teachers for seeing in me what I never knew.To those teachers who believed in me when I was not sure.To all those teachers who stood by me in my most difficult times.To them who gave me the courage to chase my dreams despite all odds.My words may never reach you , … Continue reading Thanks to Teachers

The Average Child

boy running on pathway

I am least bothered about the race,I am just being the best of myself. Let me take my course, I am in no hurry to make it to box. Will take turns and learn from my mistakes, I have no interest in what others ride. I am happy being myself. I dont want to please … Continue reading The Average Child